Site Remediation

Site Remediation


Budget Demolition’s crew of trained and experienced professionals offer solutions to clean your site and keep it free of all environmental hazards, including hydrocarbons, heavy metal contaminants, PCB contaminants, above and underground storage tanks, as well as a number of other soil contaminants. Working with a professional team minimizes the environmental implications of your project.

We ensure all remedial work is done efficiently to alleviate potential future concerns. Budget Demolition follows provincial remediation standards and the standards set by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment at the federal level, including the Canadian Environmental Quality Guidelines, the Canada-Wide Standard for Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil, and CAN/CSA 2317 Infection Control.

Site Assessment and Remediation Strategies


As part of our site remediation services, Budget Demolition has an environmental safety team. Based in Hamilton, this experienced team ensures every project is properly executed according to all governing regulations and health and safety protocols.

Before demolition begins, we perform a site assessment to identify materials that pose harm to the environment or public health. We thoroughly examine the site and work with the owners to develop effective remediation strategies. In addressing site contamination, our team designs and implements remediation strategies that fit the scope of your site and your plans for demolition, decommission or construction.

Our services include:

  • Remedial planning and design
  • Site clean up
  • In-situ soil and groundwater remediation
  • Licensed transportation and disposal

Soil Remediation and Storage Tank Removal


As a vital part of our site remediation services, Budget Demolition removes and disposes of contaminated soil. All materials on site are removed in accordance with all provincial and federal occupational health and safety regulations and are disposed at landfills that are properly MOE licensed.


Budget Demolition’s team is also experienced in the removal of underground and above-ground storage tanks. Storage tanks pose a unique challenge to any demolition project as their condition can be difficult to determine, especially if they have been left unattended for a length of time. The tank will need to be removed and the soil around the tank may need to be removed and remediated.

If you have questions about site remediation for your residential, commercial or industrial location, contact us to set up a consultation, assessment and estimate.