Selective Demolition

Selective & Partial Demolition

Sometimes, you don’t need to completely demolish a building. When refreshing or repurposing a building, the first step is removing the old finishes or the old portions. Budget Demolition has completed numerous partial demolition and interior demolition projects.

Great care is taken in planning and executing the isolation of the structures to be demolished from those to remain. This may include supervision by a structural engineer, hoarding or shoring, waterproofing, and/or dustproofing.

Interior Demolition 

Detailed drawings/plans are often provided to our team of experts, which enable them to efficiently remove interior partitions and finishes that are scheduled to be removed, as well as any mechanical and electrical systems.

Common to both Partial and Interior Demolition, all waste is separated onsite into various recyclable commodities and sent to recyclable markets.

Just like with a total demolition, our health and safety policies are in line with regulations and site-specific considerations. Whether a total demolition or a selective demolition, our team always provides exemplary service and attention to safety and efficiency.