School Demolition Services

School Demolitions

School demolition projects can range in size and requirements. How many buildings is it? Are there portables? What’s the size? Are there hazardous materials involved? Each school demolition comes with its own unique set of circumstances that a demolition company must be prepared for.

School demolition involved both the dismantling of the structures and the responsible disposal of the waste generated. When it comes to older schools in particular, there may be asbestos or mold that needs to be abated and disposed of properly.

Each school demolition project is unique and has different requirements and processes. Our experience as a demolition company in Canada allows us to guide clients towards the right demolition approaches while following safety protocols. We have experience with school demolitions in the past and know the strict planning that must go into each step of the process.

The Budget Demolition Difference

We offer school demolition services in Hamilton, Burlington, St Catharines, Southern Ontario, and across Canada. We have worked on projects in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and more.

Our school demolition services include:

  • pre-demolition inspections
  • cost evaluation
  • verification and disconnection of services
  • sample testing and identification
  • municipal permits and inspections
  • debris removal
  • hazardous material abatement
  • environmental surveys

At Budget Demolition, our priority is safety – of our team, the public, and the environment. We plan each step of the process in detail so there are no surprises or accidents on-site. We ensure all the proper permits are received and all environmental testing is completed thoroughly so as not to pose a risk to the public or the environment.

Learn more about our dedication to health and safety here.

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If you’re looking for school demolition services in Hamilton, Ontario, or across Canada, Budget Demolition can help.

We provide regular training to all our employees to ensure they are working safely on the job. No matter the type of demolition or hazardous materials that may be involved, our staff is highly trained in handling it while maintaining safety on the job.

We provide a site-specific health and safety plan for each project we work on and ensure both our team and clients understand and follow it.

For smooth school demolition projects, choose Budget Demolition. We will ensure your demolition is completed on time and done right!

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