Residential Demolition

Each residential demolition comes with its own set of challenges and requirements. There are environmental regulations to follow, provincial standards, as well as multiple local bylaws to observe. These bylaws change from city to city – and sometimes, neighbourhood to neighbourhood. A good demolition company needs to fully understand exactly what is expected of them and comply with these requirements.

At Budget Demolition, we perform residential demolitions across Ontario and beyond. We also have experience demolishing neighbourhoods and complexes, such as the William Baker neighbourhood in Toronto which needed to be demolished due to asbestos and environmental concerns. In this case, the land was successfully repurposed to a park-like setting to prepare for the next phase of development.

Residential demolition must be completed properly in order to ensure the site can be used in the future, whether it be immediate or long term developments. If a developer is looking to demolish a house in order to rebuild one on the same site, the demolition must be completed ensuring that all utilities serving the house remain in place and the land is filled in a way that will allow for redevelopment.

Total Demolition

Budget Demolition specializes in total demolition of all types of structures. If you’re looking for a company to execute a timely and professional residential demolition, we can help.

Our proposal for a residential demolition can include:

  • Pre-demolition inspections and cost evaluation
  • Verification and disconnection of services
  • Arranging for the sampling testing and identification of suspected materials
  • Municipal permits
  • Inspections and documentation

We also work to dispose of any environmentally hazardous materials like asbestos, lead, mercury, and mould that are likely present in older homes being demolished.

Contact Budget Demolition for a Residential Demo Quote

Budget Demolition performs residential demolition across Southern Ontario and beyond. We are capable of total house demolition, block demolition, or neighbourhood demolition in areas that are of an environmental concern.

Our qualified team is able to work within provincial, local, and federal requirements to safely dismantle structures, dispose of materials, and remove any hazardous materials. We make it our mission to put safety and environmental concerns first to ensure the sustainability of the area and allow it to be repurposed effectively.

If you’re looking for a company to complete a residential demolition, contact Budget Demolition for a quote today!