Recycling​ & Waste Diversion​



With a combined total of 50,000 tonnes of C&D waste per year being moved through two of Budget Environmental Disposal’s divisions, Budget Bin and Regional Waste Recovery, Budget has always viewed recycling and waste diversion as its primary focus. All team members of the Budget family continually strive to achieve a 90% – 95% diversion rate from landfills.


Budget Environmental Disposal’s receiving and sorting facility, Regional Waste Recovery, is a Ministry of Environment licensed transfer station in Hamilton, Ontario. This contains a state of the art sorting facility which ensures maximum waste diversion from landfills. This is an ideal solution to help with the growing demand for LEED and environmentally responsible waste management.


Onsite Waste Diversion


Budget Demolition has implemented a cost effective technique known as onsite source separation. Onsite source separation is a cost effective means to recycle materials as a building is being demolished. The materials are separated into the following categories:

  • Brick/block/concrete rubble
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Reusable items


The remaining items that do not fall into these categories are brought to our Regional Waste Recovery Sorting Facility to be further sorted. This achieves our minimum diversion rate of 90%.


Prior to starting any project, a Waste Reduction Work Plan / Waste Audit is completed. This program is in place on all Budget Demolition sites, and has made all dealings with the Ontario LEED and the Federal 3R’s programs successful.