Scott Park High School Demolition


The extensive asbestos abatement and demolition of the former Scott Park Secondary School was awarded to Budget Environmental in the late fall of 2014.  The school was removed to make way for the new super high school planned for the area.

The school building was a large 6 story high, steel and block structure. The entire steel structure had been sprayed with an asbestos containing fireproofing when it was built. Prior to any other work taking place, this friable material had to be removed following Type 3 removal procedures.

The school was also attached to low lying “Jimmy Thompson” pool, which had to be isolated and separated prior to demolition. The demolition plan had to specifically address the adjacent low lying structure and was a constant priority and concern throughout the demolition.

Another challenge was that the building had to be down by the end of June, in time for the Pan Am games that were to use the site as parking. The school was not ready to demolish until the first week of June. The demolition of the 200,000 sf, six story school took 4 weeks to level. Once the school was on the ground, the demolition crews temporarily withdrew from the site, while the games were on. Once the games were over, the crews returned to the site to complete the removal of all of the foundations, remove all of the rubble and grade the site.