Rheem Canada Plant


This project entailed the Abatement, Demolition and Securing of the Site at the Former Rheem Canada Manufacturing plant in Hamilton


This project was a former significant industrial building comprising of a heavy steel structure, concrete and brick block exterior façade, as well as a wood and steel roof deck.

This project began with securing the entire site and once the entire site was enclosed with construction fencing, the 140,000 sf facility then had to have the asbestos abated from within the facility which outlined in the Designated Substance Survey, as supplied by the City of Hamilton. Once the  abatement was complete, it was our responsibility to have all of the services disconnected which included the following utilities, hydro, gas, water and sanitary. Once these were disconnected, we had our engineer prepare the demolition plan, and with this in hand, we applied for and obtained the demolition permit.

Once the permit was in place, we demolished the building down to slab within 4 weeks from starting, using all of our own equipment, and disposal trucks. All scrap steel was processed onsite and shipped straight to the steel mills for recycling.

As part of the contract the city required that all of the foundations had to remain in place. Once the buildings were all demolished and the debris removed, the site was cleaned up and the foundations were made safe. The city required that highway grade traffic barriers were to be installed on the south side of the property, and this was installed by a sub contractor. At this point all of the services were disconnected within the roadways surrounding the site. Upon final inspection and approvals, the site was turned back over to the city.