Residential Projects


Residential Projects

Demolishing the existing house is the exciting first major step of the construction process, starting the project off with the right team sets the tone for the entire project. Budget Demolition demolishes between 40 – 50 individual residential houses per year. This type of structural demolition brings unique challenges with each site. Access, neighboring buildings, site obstacles, established neighborhoods are just a few of the challenges that are dealt with professionally.

One thing homeowners and contractors often over look in the planning phase is that a Pre Demolition Designated Substance Survey is required by the Ministry of Labour and it is the owner’s responsibility to provide it. While some contractors will proceed without one, it can end up costing the property owner significantly more then if it had been dealt with properly from the start.

Working with Budget Demolition, a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals, provides the homeowners the peace of mind that the work will be completed properly, in accordance with all current MOL & MOE regulations and safety protocols. This also provides the homeowners with the comfort that they are not exposing their new neighbors to any substances that can be harmful, and there will not be any surprising price increases if things aren’t completed properly.

Building a house is an exciting time for homeowners. Working with a team that is safe, professional and efficient throughout the entire project, ensures a positive experience.