PPG, Owen Sound


PPG Glass in Owen Sound was completely initiated, planned, and financed by Budget Environmental Disposal.

This project began with the purchasing of the brownfield site, the former PPG Glass manufacturing plant with the intention of repurposing the site.

In order to demolish the 700,000 square foot plant, the Budget Team had to meet the requirements for decommissioning and site restoration set by the cities planning department including an Engineered Demolition Plan and a Pre-Demolition Designated Substance Survey.

Based on the results of the Designated Substance Survey, Budget Environmental Disposal removed all of the designated substances identified in the report.

Once that abatement was complete, the demolition crew removed the former Glass manufacturing facility. All steel and C&D waste was sorted and as much as possible was recycled.

Initially a time line of 18 months had been set for the project, but the project was completed in less than 12 months.