Parkview Secondary School, Hamilton


The Abatement and Demolition of the Parkview Secondary School was awarded to Budget Environmental in the Fall of 2014.  The school was to be removed to make way for the Pan Am Games coming to Hamilton in the Summer of 2015.  The school building was connected to the King George School on one end and required the careful separation and re-construction of the entranceway to the King George School.  The building to be demolished was also built very close the both the King George School and some residential houses.  During the structural demolition of these sections, extreme caution was exercised so as not to damage the adjacent buildings.

The demolition of the nearly 80,000 square foot facility commenced following the abatement of the hazardous materials found in the building.  The complete demolition project spanned over 3 months and included the complete removal of the footings and foundations.  Nearly 10,000 tonnes of concrete and brick rubble was hauled offsite and over 400 tonnes of scrap metal recycled from the project.