Meno-Ya-Win Hospital, Sioux Lookout


Meno-Ya-Win Hospital, Sioux Lookout

This project involved the Multi Phased Demolition of the Former Sioux Lookout hospital. 

Prior to beginning any work onsite, a site access and demolition sequencing plan had to be developed, the demolition had to be staggered to allow, full, uninterrupted access to the active ambulance station at the rear of the property. In addition to access, all of the utilities had to be disconnected but the ambulance station had to remain fully operational. Once the ambulance station was serviced independently of the hospital, all of the services were disconnected.

Another potential challenge of this project was the location of the site. Budget’s head office is located in Hamilton, Ontario, 1,850 KM from the site. This challenge was overcome by setting up a temporary satelite office onsite as well as good coordination and communication between the Project Manager and the Site Supervisor.

Despite the logistical, sequencing and access challenges, the owners had a tight timeline to complete the work. Once the demolition work began onsite, the demolition work progressed with no interruptions and the project was completed ahead of schedule, overcoming all potential challenges with ease.