Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton


This project was very unique because it attracted a huge response from the community and because it was an open aired stadium. The overall height of the structures required a 70′ demolition equipped high reach excavator to remove the high portions of the stadium

The project began with the West and South stands, working towards the East stands. The excavator removed one section at a time, controlling the drop of each piece of concrete.Excavators equipped with large shears were also brought in to the site to process and prepare the metal from the structure.

Two particularly challenging areas were the east stands and the north stands. Each of these structures cantilevered out over the roadway below. Precautions had to be taken to protect any pedestrians and passersby. The roadways around these sections were closed, and spotters with direct radio contact to the operators in the machines were stationed at the street level beyond the danger zones. Traffic was stopped, or redirected as necessary. All of this work was preceded by traffic control plans and road closure permits.

This project had a very tight schedule, as the Hamilton Tiger Cats could only go one season without a home field, and the new facility will be hosting the 2015 Pan AM games. The schedule was met, and in fact, the project was completed ahead of schedule.