Plant Decommissioning and Demolition

Decommissioning a building comes with the potential to pose a variety of health and safety risks to both people and the environment. Business owners and people involved in the decommissioning and demolition need to be aware of any hazardous materials within so they can make an appropriate plan to remove and remediate it.

There are also a number of specific provincial and federal regulations that have to be followed to ensure workers and the environment are well protected. Too often, we hear of demolition contractors who do not plan accordingly and end up damaging valuable resources and putting staff in danger.

At Budget Demolition, we know the intricacies and planning surrounding plant decommissioning projects in Canada. We have experience on a number of decommissioning sites to ensure the job is done right and safely!

Plant Decommissioning Services in Canada

Plant decommissioning can include a variety of facets and variables that require an experienced demolition and decommissioning company to be involved. Budget Demolition‘s plant decommissioning services can include:

  • Hazardous materials abatement
  • Site assessments
  • Site remediation
  • Risk assessments
  • Underground storage tank removal
  • Environmental compliance monitoring
  • Contractor management

Budget Demolition takes care of all the aspects of decommissioning in the planning stages. We are equipped to handle unexpected changes or other circumstances that may arise during a demolition. Our team has the experience to ensure safety is always the priority.

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Budget Demolition has performed multiple plant decommissioning and demolitions across Canada. We understand the delicate situations that can arise from a plant decommissioning and know how important environmental standards are to uphold.

If you’re planning a plant decommissioning, contact Budget Demolition. We can provide you with a custom quote and plan that details the decommissioning, demolition, abatement, and site remediation that will ensure all materials are disposed of following federal regulations.

Plant decommissioning is not as simple as many other types of demolitions. It takes a passionate, experienced team to be able to successfully complete a plant decommissioning to ensure the land will be reusable and all people involved are kept safe.

Contact Budget Demolition today for more information about our plant decommissioning services in Canada.