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We are experts in demolition for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal sites. We bring our years of experience and reliable teams to every Mississauga demolition project and all our projects across Ontario and Canada.


At Budget Demolition, health and safety is our top priority. Especially with demolition projects where hazardous materials are involved, having a well-trained and experienced team is necessary to ensure the safety of people, buildings, and the environment around the site. We prepare and implement effective quality management programs to ensure the safety of a site and its total demolition. The key to our success is the hard work and dedication of the entire Budget Demolition team. We provide extensive training for all aspects of a demolition project and our team knows how to respond in various situations that may arise. We never approach a demolition site without thorough preparation.


Every Mississauga demolition project is unique and needs to be properly executed to be successful. Our experience allows us to guide our clients in the proper abatement, demolition, and site remediation approach following safety protocols. Let Budget Demolition provide a no-obligation proposal for your demo site in Mississauga today!

Environmentally Responsible Demolition Projects

At Budget Demolition and all our Mississauga demolition sites, we take care of coordinating your demolition project from start to finish, and are backed by a health and safety plan designed specifically for your individual project. As a leader in demolition, decommissioning, and remediation, we ensure environmentally responsible disposal of waste generated from your Mississauga demolition site. Our hazardous material abatement services with mobile decontamination units handle asbestos, lead, PCB, mercury, mould, and more.

In addition to the environmental and health safety benefits, our onsite material separation and asset recovery of all salvageable materials gives you the value of otherwise wasted resources. These services ensure that 90% – 95% of all demolition waste from your job site is diverted from landfills so you can meet sustainability and environmental goals.

Our proposal for any sized demolition project can include:

  • Pre-demolition inspections and cost evaluation
  • Verification and disconnection of services
  • Arranging for the sampling testing and identification of suspected materials
  • Municipal permits
  • Inspections and documentation

With a comprehensive plan for your demolition, clean up and site remediation projects can also include:

  • Environmental surveys
  • Hazardous Material Abatement
  • Debris Removal
  • Removal of underground and above-ground storage tanks
  • Removal of contaminated soils

Mississauga Demolition Services

At Budget Demolition, we offer a variety of services to sites in Mississauga and the surrounding region.

If you’re looking for a reliable demolition company in Mississauga for your job, big or small, contact us today.

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