Mine Decommissioning & Reclamation

Mine Decommissioning & Reclamation

Mine closure refers to the period of time when extracting activities of a mine have stopped and the final decommissioning is being planned and completed. Mine closure is highly regulated in Canada by federal and provincial governments to ensure planning, decommissioning, and remediation are thoroughly and fully completed.

While mine closure is required by law in Canada to have a plan prior to the mine even beginning operations, there is still extensive health and safety planning that occurs through the actual mine decommissioning. There are a variety of steps to take with a professional demolition and decommissioning company to ensure the mine is being closed to all standards and as smoothly as possible.

At Budget Demolition, we have extensive experience and training in environmental sensitivities relating to mine closure, decommissioning, and reclamation. Our experience in mine decommissioning has made us leaders in the industry and fostered partnerships with mining companies across Canada.

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Mine Decommissioning

Mine decommissioning is a key part of the mine closure process. The health and safety of employees, the decommissioning team, and the environment are paramount to a successful project.

Budget Demolition works within the mining closure plan that has been pre-prepared by the company to ensure cooperation and cohesiveness among processes and teams. We are dedicated to ensuring all the proper standards and regulations set by the government and your company are followed.

We responsibly remove any structures on your site and ensure mine shafts are blocked off appropriately depending on their depth to avoid subsidence. Our focus in mine decommissioning is ensuring structural elements and environment threats are properly abated to ensure environmental remediation and mine reclamation can go as smoothly as possible.

At Budget Demolition, we take community needs and environmental requirements into consideration during the decommissioning process. Our strong safety-first culture sets us apart from other demolition and decommissioning companies, especially when it comes to mine closures.


Mine Reclamation

Mine reclamation is perhaps the most important part of mine closure and decommissioning. Site remediation, environmental abatement, and clean up and restoration are all part of the process to ensure mining land can be returned to a biologically-sound state ideal for wildlife, recreation, or commercial uses.

Mine reclamation can include:


  • revegetating areas
  • managing water quality
  • resloping rock piles
  • covering waste rock piles
  • encouraging wildlife to return to the area
  • beautification processes
  • ongoing maintenance and testing

Our services in mine decommissioning include removing structures and hazardous materials safely and disposing of them at sites that are regulated to accept them. This allows for proper mine reclamation to be carried out after the mine has been closed.


Mine Decommissioning with Budget Demolition

Every decommissioning and demolition is unique, especially when it comes to mine decommissioning. We have the experience to work within existing plans and help guide our clients to proper decommissioning and remediation processes while working within health and safety protocols.

We perform mine decommissioning across Canada. Contact us today for more information about how we can help your project.

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