Mill Decommissioning and Demolition

Mill Decommissioning and Demolition

Mills are large structures that require time, strategic planning, and proper site remediation to properly demolish. First, the safe dismantling of the structure is key to ensure the safety of the site and the team completing it. Second, the responsible disposal of the waste created will ensure any hazardous materials are taken care of. Third, completing the demolition and controlling any hazardous substances to allow the site to be used again as soon as possible for commercial or residential development.

At Budget Demolition, we know the work that comes with a mill decommissioning and mill demolition. Our team is highly trained in dismantling, remediation, and demolition processes for sensitive areas and hazardous materials. If you’re looking to demolish your pulp and paper mill, contact Budget Demolition for a free quote.

Mill Demolition

Mills can often have hazardous materials, like sewage systems, asbestos, fuel storage, and electrical equipment. These need to be disposed of safely and properly for a successful demolition. In pulp and paper mills, there are often a variety of chemicals that need to be dismantled and disposed of safely as well.

At Budget Demolition, we are dedicated to the safety of employees and following environmental regulations in mill demolition. We offer asbestos abatement and disposal, recycling, total demolition, and site remediation to ensure that the land can be reused and the dangerous materials are removed to government standards.

Budget Demolition for Mill Decommissioning

If you’re looking for a professional company to participate in your mill decommissioning and complete the mill demolition, Budget Demolition should be your first choice. We specialize in industrial demolition and commercial demolition across Canada and are trained in the right procedures for a successful mill demolition.

Contact Budget Demolition for more information about how we can help your mill decommissioning process and complete the demolition with environmental and remediation concerns in mind. We know how important it is to ensure the site is usable and that all environmental regulations are followed to ensure this.

For more information about our demolition services, visit our page or contact us today.