Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition, like many types of building demolition, can be broken into two clear steps. First, the safe dismantling of the structure itself, and second, environmentally responsible disposal of the waste generated. Without both these steps being fully complete, a demolition is ineffective.

Particularly with commercial buildings, there are a variety of environmental factors that need to be taking into consideration. What are the building’s surroundings? What types of materials are in the building? What are the local bylaws? What is located underground?

If there are above or below ground storage tanks, Budget Demolition will remove these and dispose of them safely. We also remove any contaminated soil from the demolition site around commercial buildings to ensure the site will be suitable for new constructions.

In older commercial buildings, things like mould, lead, and asbestos can often be a concern. We offer sampling testing as part of our pre-demolition work to verify whether or not these harmful materials and particles are present. In commercial demolitions where abatement is required, our qualified team will remove the substances to ensure they do not become airborne. All removals are in accordance with the Ministry of Labor Regulations and Guidelines.

Budget Demolition’s commercial demolitions each come with a custom proposal and plan to ensure a safe demolition of the building.

Budget Demolition’s Commercial Experience

We have experience with various types of commercial demolition across Southern Ontario and Canada. Some of our most recent commercial demolition projects include:

  • Hotel D’eau Hospital, St Catharines
  • Grace Hospital, Windsor
  • Hamilton Port Athority, Pier 15
  • Hamilton West Harbour
  • William Baker Neighbourhood

At each of these sites, we were required to create custom proposals and plans for demolition to ensure all environmental aspects were handled appropriately, the team was fully trained for all aspects, and all the materials would be disposed of in a environmentally-friendly way. Each commercial demolition site is different and we approach each new project with ideas and processes to ensure it is as efficient as possible.

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Budget Demolition specializes in commercial demolitions across Canada. Whether an office building, an apartment complex, or another multi-purpose building, we have the training, the team, and the equipment to ensure the demolition is smooth and safe.

We also offer site remediation services to ensure the demolition follows all environmental requirements and protocols depending on your provincial, federal, and local laws. We are dedicated to ensuring your commercial demolition is completed meeting and exceeding all standards.

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