Asset Recovery and Salvage

Repurpose, Reuse & Recycle

Asset recovery, also known as resource recovery or salvaging, is the process of maximizing the value of unused assets through effective reuse or divestment. This diverts various components, equipment and fixtures from landfills for recycling and reuse and gives them a second life.

At the cost evaluation (tendering) period of each project, it is determined what assets are reusable and incorporate the value into the bid process. Each of the recoverable commodities are marketed for resale and/or reuse to ensure the client is getting their maximum return.

Check out Graham & Brooks store as often interesting pieces from Budget Demolition’s deconstruction projects end up there.

Recyclable Components of a Structure

  • Ferrous Metals
  • Non Ferrous Metals
  • Structural Steel
  • Wood Timbres & Beams
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt

Metal Recovery

Budget Environmental’s steel recycling and processing division, Budget Iron & Metal, provides Budget Demolition with the resources and the unique ability to reduce the cost of demolition. Budget Iron & Metals’ receives, purchases, and processes ferrous, non ferrous and precious metals.

Learn more about Budget Iron and Metal and our Hamilton scrap yard here.

Wood Timbers & Beams

Many buildings are built with using wood as the structural components.  In most cases these structural components can either be dismantled for re-use or recycled for alternate applications. If the wood is not re-usable, then it will be brought to Budget Environmental Disposal’s Sorting Facility, Regional Waste Recovery, where it will be processed for future applications, such as flowerbed mulch.

Concrete & Asphalt Recycling

Most structures have some form of concrete within the structural components of the building, whether in the foundation, the concrete block or some other form of structural use. Both concrete and asphalt can be crushed and reused. We process and prepare an impressive 20,000 tonnes of Gran A & B from recycled concrete annually. Once prepared, this product is able to be reused in many different applications, such as new construction and roads.