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Parkside High School, Dundas

The abatement and demolition of the former Parkside Highschool was publicly tendered in the fall of 2016, Budget was the successful proponent and the it was awarded at the end of October.  The project began with the abatement of the entire school following Type 1, 2 & 3 procedures. Once the abatement was complete, Budget coordinated the disconnection of services and the demolition permit. After the City of Hamilton issued the demolition permit, crews set to work demolishing the structure, bearing in mind the school’s residential location. After all the recyclables and C&D was removed from the site, the concrete was crushed down to an aggregate and shipped offsite. Dust suppression was used to mitigate any dust created during the process.

Clean fill and topsoil was imported as needed to level out the site and to prepare the site for new sod. The sod was maintained and watered, prior to the site being turned back over to the City. The site is now a welcomed grass field in the neighborhood.