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Heating Plant Decommissioning

The abatement and demolition of the Former Central Heating Plant for the Experimental Farms Secured Facility was awarded to Budget in October of 2014.  Along with the  abatement of the large boilers and associated equipment, was the challenging abandonment of the 1.2 Kilometer Tunnel Distribution System. Following the abatement the building was demolished opening up access to the Tunnels. Part of the Tunnel Abandonment entailed the removal of all redundant piping from within the extensive underground network. 

After backfilling the basement cavity, leaving tunnel access, 4,300 Cubic Meters of Lightweight Cellular Concrete was imported and placed into the underground tunnels. Once the concrete was set, the access to the tunnels was buried along with the former basement cavity with clean fill, then covered by topsoil and sod. The sod is to be maintained and cut, prior to the site being turned back over to PWGSC.