We have a strong safety-first culture, we are professional, we have the experience, the equipment and the passionately skilled work force to complete any Demolition Project. But what sets us apart?


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When revitalizing a site, the decommissioning and demolition of the old structures is the first step. All the buildings are redundant, a clean empty site is needed for future reuse, and the structures need to be demolished and disposed of. Thus, a company like ours that can complete both the technical demolition, and who is also capable of undertaking a large disposal project in an environmentally responsible manner is required. This is where the entire Budget group of companies stands uniquely apart.

Each division of Budget Environmental, Budget Demolition, Budget Bin (Trucking and Disposal), Budget Iron & Metals and Regional Waste Recovery, work together to seamlessly execute the Decommissioning, Site Clean up and Restoration, providing a complete solution. Our clients save time and money, never compromising on the key elements of Safety, Professionalism, Experience, Environmental Stewardship, Equipment and a Passionately Skilled Work Force, that are needed to successfully complete a Demolition Project.


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